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Water Resources Management

Water Resource Management aims to sustainably manage the resources, capacity, and quality of water sources within a watershed according to the needs. Uncontrolled use of water resources poses a risk not only to the singular facility using the resource but also to the entire basin.

As part of its water resource management service, ecotora continuously monitors and records meteorological events, water usage quantities of the facility, water sources, and all hydrogeological data related to the sources. Periodic tests, conducted in the field and/or remotely, track any changes in the characteristics of water sources. The collected data is digitized and analyzed, resulting in recommendations such as usage limits, optimal usage quantities, and alternative sources, along with short and long-term projections. When facility usage is organized based on these projections, the way is paved for the resources to be used by future generations as well.

Smart Water Monitoring Systems

Within the scope of the service, sensors that monitor parameters such as level, pressure, etc. are selected from reliable products previously used by ecotora. Equipment designed and produced by ecotora is utilized for the wired and/or wireless communication between measurement points and the server where measurement data is stored. The obtained data is stored securely on ecotora servers. This ensures the security of the facility’s data according to standards and eliminates risks during periodic remote tests conducted at the facility.

Alternative Water Sources

Especially in industrial facilities, underground water is commonly used as the traditional water source. However, the declining levels of groundwater due to unregulated use are the greatest indicators of water scarcity risk. At this point, it is important to remember that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to a single source to use groundwater optimally.

Highlighted alternatives at this point:

  • Using treated blackwater for purposes like irrigation,
  • Using greywater for needs such as toilet reservoirs and garden irrigation,
  • Treating harvested rainwater for use in car washing and processes,
  • Recycling and reusing car wash water.

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