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Project Management | Rainwater Harvesting Applications

Rainwater harvesting systems store rainwater that can be used for various purposes such as irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry washing, car washing, or even treated for daily drinking water use. These systems also help control uncontrolled rainwater runoff.

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting and storing rainwater instead of letting it flow away.

Rainwater is collected from surfaces like roofs, canopies, and directed into a tank, cistern, deep pit, or filtered reservoir.

Rainwater collection systems gather rain into a reservoir, and the collected water can be stored in tanks or more detailed purification systems. The resulting water can be used for landscaping, flushing toilets, washing cars, or doing laundry.

ecotora Approach

Rainwater, as it falls from surfaces, mixes with both dissolved and undissolved materials and collects dust and pollutants as it flows down from the atmosphere.

Considering the application of this project in industrial facilities, the collected rainwater content in the collection area will contain fluids lighter than water.

Therefore, the following aspects are taken into account in the established systems:

Design of a collection system tailored to the field Design of a suitable purification/filter system for the collected rainwater content Disinfection support in the outlet water to prevent bacterial growth in standing water Separation of sediment and solid particles from the water through settling Regular equipment maintenance support Alarm system against overflow and leaks (ATEX certified for hazardous environments) Our team facilitates the design and installation of rainwater systems to ensure efficient, long-term water conservation. We assist you in doing your part to save time, money, and protect the environment.


Project-specific rainwater harvesting systems minimize your need for municipal water. Reusing rainwater leads to financial savings on bills. Considering the recent history of countries facing water scarcity, reduced dependence on external sources for clean water supply is vital.

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