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EDD | Environmental Due Diligence

ecotora conducts environmental due diligence studies on behalf of clients who are typically looking to purchase, refinance, or utilize a property. Various types of assessments help clients understand potential environmental issues and Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that may need further consideration for safely owning or operating a property. The client can also protect themselves in terms of contaminated sites, environmental issues, and considering the identified conditions, they can negotiate the costs associated with addressing these conditions during the negotiation process.

We provide unbiased, timely, easily understandable, and commercially pragmatic advice that enables obtaining an objective view on the suitability and value of potential site or property acquisitions. The environmentally condition assessment, focusing on efficiency and quality, consists of two main phases:

  • Phase 1 (ESA) ASTM e1527: We identify and assess potential risks.
  • Phase 2 (ESA) ASTM e1903: We investigate and measure significant risks in detail.

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