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Telemetry Solutions

Telemetry is a technology used to monitor the performance of objects, systems, or devices using remote measurement and data collection methods. ecotora offers telemetry services to provide solutions for data collection, analysis, and reporting to our customers.

With our telemetry services, you can monitor critical data of your business in real-time. This data can include information collected by sensors, devices, or systems. Real-time monitoring allows you to observe your business operations instantly, detect performance issues, and respond quickly.

We provide the necessary equipment for monitoring, process data, evaluate it, and offer services that add value to your business.

İzleme için gerekli ekipmanların tedariği, verilerin işlenmesi, değerlendirilmesi ve işletmenize değer katacak hizmetlerimizle sizlerleyiz.

Our telemetry services involve the processes of analyzing collected data and generating reports. We analyze the collected data using statistical methods to understand factors affecting your business’s performance. Through this analysis, we can identify strengths and areas that need improvement in your business.

Moreover, we assist your business in reaching its goals by offering customized reports. These reports may include performance indicators, trends, and critical data. Clear presentation of data helps support decision-making processes and provides valuable insights for strategic management.

Our telemetry services provide automatic alerts and alarm systems when specific conditions or events occur. We monitor critical parameters of your business and send you instant notifications when predefined threshold values are exceeded. This enables you to quickly identify issues and take preventive actions, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Within this scope, our 24/7 Call Center provides support, and actions are taken based on predefined scenarios.

As a company, we prioritize the security and privacy of customer data. In our telemetry services, we store and process your data securely, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

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