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Net Zero Waste

What is Net Zero Waste?

Net zero waste aims to ensure the responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without discharging them into recipient environments (soil, water, or air) in ways that threaten the environment or human health.

Net zero waste is a philosophy that seeks to completely eliminate the causes of waste.

ecotora Approach:

Source Separation of Waste:

An effective separation and collection system facilitates the collection of materials that can be recycled or reintroduced into the economic system. For this reason, we establish Net Zero Waste Systems tailored to our customers’ needs under the 12.07.2019 Net Zero Waste Regulation (published in Official Gazette No. 30829), focusing on the recycling/recovery of recyclable waste.

In this context, alongside providing services with our own products (product link), we also offer installation and assembly services.


Under the 12.07.2019 Net Zero Waste Regulation (published in Official Gazette No. 30829), we provide comprehensive training to all companies where we establish Net Zero Waste Systems, covering the potential waste that might occur on their premises.

Following a site assessment, we share the waste inventory identified with the facility and provide support in all environmental processes from waste generation to disposal.

Promotion of Reuse:

As part of our other services, we suggest to our business partners the repair and reuse of previously used products. This approach minimizes the environmental footprint of our business partners in relation to the project and reduces additional resource consumption and waste generation resulting from ecotora projects.


Net zero waste systems and approaches can prevent emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or material and can effectively contribute to capturing existing carbon dioxide through biological processes.

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