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welcome to ecotora

Some define us as consultants who assist companies in assessing their ESG risks and opportunities, creating long-term value, and generating sustainable solutions.

Others see us as a team that has understood the underlying natural balance of sustainability and has built a company policy based on these values.

Who we are?

ecotora places the commitment to sustainability at the heart of organizations’ value mechanisms and aims to integrate it into all operational and governance processes. Therefore,

ecotora emphasizes the UN Sustainable Development Goals in all its services and provides comprehensive, sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions. With the motto “Sustainability is a way of life,” ecotora offers extensive sustainability services for its business partners.

In sustainability and process solutions, ecotora strives to be in alignment with Responsible Investment Principles, aiming to provide primary support for organizations to implement more efficient processes, address risks and stakeholder concerns, and achieve sustainability goals.

Why ecotora?

We contribute to the circular economy

Our aim is to incorporate holistic solutions into our clients' practices, such as minimizing waste generation, using energy and natural resources more efficiently, and adopting a circular and lean business model.

Enhances your competitive advantage

Through the environmentally friendly, innovative, and streamlined sustainability solutions we offer to our clients, we aim to enable them to achieve environmental benefits such as a reduced carbon footprint, energy savings, and efficient use of natural resources, while also considering societal impacts. In doing so, we aspire to help our clients gain advantages not only within their industries but also in sustainability indices.

Supports building a strong foundation for a culture of sustainability

We aim to integrate sustainability principles into daily operations, making them an integral part of your business. We help you be prepared for the growing sustainability demands from investors and financiers for a better future.

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