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Water Management

At ecotora, our goal is to optimize water usage and minimize the environmental impact of water use on the natural environment. With our team of experts in advanced technologies, we address complex situations in water management. From field research to numerical modeling, we provide support to our clients in almost every stage of a water management project. Whether you choose one of our site-specific services to fill technical gaps or utilize our core services throughout an integrated project, our team of professionals continues to develop to provide our clients with a unique experience and technological competence.

If we provide a general overview of our services under the title of water management:

  • Watershed management,
  • Telemetric monitoring of groundwater aquifers and controlled use of resources,
  • Selection of an appropriate and efficient treatment system with wastewater treatment strategies,
  • Recovery of gray and/or black water,
  • Efficient water use through rainwater collection and storage projects,
  • Process water recovery and utilization projects.

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