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Gray & Black Water Management

Gray water:

It is the relatively less pathogen-containing water that comes from bathroom and kitchen sinks, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines.

The practice of reusing gray water in urban water systems provides significant benefits, reducing both the demand for clean water in the water supply subsystem and the amount of wastewater to be transported and treated in the wastewater subsystem. Treated gray water can be used for various purposes such as toilet flushing or garden irrigation.

Black (sewage) water:

Water coming from toilets that will be discharged directly into the sewer is defined as black water.

ecotora Approach

For systems where gray and black water are combined;

Since gray water and black water are not managed separately in existing installations in Turkey, the wastewater that will be treated, reused for garden irrigation and toilet reservoirs, is treated in compliance with the relevant standards.

In systems where gray and black water are combined, water should be recycled using biological treatment and advanced disinfection systems.

At ecotora, we offer our clients a system where gray and black water intended for recycling can be directed into a single pipeline and then to a Kingspan Klargester BioDisc, which is manufactured in accordance with the EN 12566 standard and distributed by us.

With the help of the pipeline connected to BioDisc;

  • Solid particles are settled,
  • Light suspended particles are separated from the water,
  • The biological content in the water is treated with aerobic microorganisms,
  • Advanced disinfection is applied to the treated water through chlorination or UV disinfection.

For systems where gray water is managed separately from black water;

We do not encounter such infrastructure projects frequently in Turkey. However, in the installation and management stages of new generation green building certifications, etc., the separate management of gray water, rainwater, and black water may be relevant.

In such cases, we provide support to our customers in project planning, installation, and maintenance in collaboration with our expert team.

The following aspects are considered in the installed systems:

Specially designed collection and routing system for the field, Design of an appropriate treatment/filter system for the collected gray water in terms of content and regulations, Disinfection support in the treated water to prevent bacterial growth in the waiting water, Regular equipment maintenance support.


Specially designed rainwater harvesting systems for the project minimize your need for tap water. Reusing gray water leads to financial gains in utility bills. The use of environmentally sensitive systems increases brand value.

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