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Environmental Consultancy

ecotora provides expert assessment and consultancy services to its clients regarding the management of environmental issues.

With the enactment of Law No. 2872 published in the Official Gazette No. 18132 on 11.08.1983, each of us, regardless of institution, organization, facility, or legal entity, became responsible for the environment. Our priority at ecotora is to inform our business partners promptly about this responsibility and to provide support regarding the requirements.

Our Approach

First and foremost, unlike traditional environmental consultancy, we regularly review and report on our clients’ compliance with local and international environmental regulations, We prepare and publish bulletins by conducting specific assessments for our clients based on changes in existing regulations, draft regulations, and newly published regulations, We ensure that environmental management activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations and coordinated appropriately within the facility, We monitor the ongoing activities at regular intervals to determine whether the relevant obligations are being fulfilled, In case of non-compliance, we provide recommendations and solutions to the business owner/responsible party for rectifying the non-compliance, We conduct informative training sessions on environmental matters for the employees of the facility, organize industry-specific practices (such as chemical spill drills), and arrange incentive activities, We manage and monitor the application processes for the permits, licenses, and documents required for activity-specific environmental matters of the facility, We prepare requested information and documents in the specified format, promptly and comprehensively, We follow the entire process in accordance with regulatory requirements and carry out the necessary practices with our expert personnel.


Prompt awareness of your responsibilities through our expert team that tracks regulations for you. Protection from legal penalties by fulfilling the specified requirements in the activity-specific regulations. Enhancement of your corporate identity with environmental and sustainability goals taking the forefront.

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